Grey Fixed Buzz Bars

Grey Fixed Buzz Bars

Prolite Fixed Buzz Bars - 

For a few years, we have sold the grey buzz bars in pairs of various sizes. 
We have taken the decision upon us to make the same sized grey bars as we do the black bars. 
As with all of our produts, they are machined out of the highest quality materials by skilled engineers.
These bars are made from Aluminium which is why they are so light and they are a rather 
awesome shade of hard anodised grey! 
If you are a session angler or travel light, there will be a combination to suit you. 

2-Rod - 5in(127mm)
Weight 68g
Code - PRO-BB2-5.0

2-Rod 6in(152.5mm)
Weight 72g
Code - PRO-BB2-6.0

2-Rod 7in(117.8mm)
Weight 75g
Code - PRO-BB2-7.0

3-Rod 10.50in(267mm)
Weight 99g
Code - PRO-BB3-10.5 

3-Rod 12.00in(305mm)
Weight 107g 
Code - PRO-BB3-12.0

3-Rod 14.00in(356mm)
Weight 114g
Code - PRO-BB3-14.00
3-rod-retry.png 2-rod-fixed-2.0_.png